Ghost – Gothenburg, Sweden

Me and 4 other friends drove up to Gothenburg from Helsingborg last Saturday to see the band Ghost. It was quite a long ride, 2 hours, but well worth it!

The concert actually took place at a amusement park, one of Sweden’s largest amusement park, Liseberg. We didn’t have to buy tickets or anything like that. Instead it was a entrance fee of 90kr (12~$) which was an insignificant amount of money for such a thing like a Ghost concert. We walked around in the park and checked things out when we saw a familiar face walking among the people in the park. It was the singer from Ghost, Papa Emeritus II, which real name shall be untold. We had a pleasant talk with him and he invited us to come to a pub in Gothenburg after the show. Of course we said yes and thanked him for inviting us. This was an opportunity we couldn’t said no to.

We parked ourselves at the very front of the crowd 2 hours early and waited patiently for Ghost to enter the stage.
Finally after the long wait we could hear the famous, eerie “Masked Ball” theme playing and the crowd answered with a powerful cheer. All the the nameless ghouls was first to enter the stage and started of with the song “Infestissumam”. Shortly after, Papa Emeritus II entered the stage and the crowd went insane.

The concert overall was exactly what I expected, tremendous! The energy and charisma Ghost succeeds to deliver on stage is almost unbelievable. This is my 3rd time seeing Ghost live and they have been absolutely stunning every time, even if it’s at a festival, in a club or at a amusement park. There’s something about Ghost that just makes them the perfect band. The sound, the appearance, the feel. Everything is just there. And I’m so grateful for Ghost being that perfect band.
It feels like they know exactly what I like and produce it in such a remarkable way.

We took the tram after show to the pub “Sticky Fingers” were we hopefully would meet some of the the members of Ghost. And boy let me tell you, we actually did! We meet Papa Emeritus II and both the guitarists, Alpha and Omega. They were such nice people, more humble than you would think. Because of their real identity being secret there wasn’t any other Ghost fans talking to them and whatnot. They told us that not many people recognize them, except maybe Papa Emeritus II.
Being at the same bar, shaking hands and toasting with the members of Ghost was one of the best experiences of my life. No doubt.
Unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures with them. The reason for that is that we wanted to show our respect to them and not spoiling their real identity. But I can easily say that having a real “down to earth” conversation with the members of Ghost is worth a lot more than a picture.

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